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General Fiction

Attack of the Evil Soup
Sillyfic.  Buffy faces her toughest challenge yet - the evil cafeteria soup!

This is the story of the life of Branwyn, another Slayer who lived long before Buffy.

From the Shadows
A new evil has come to Sunnydale and Willow is its victim.

An alternate timeline. Angel visits Buffy's grave.
Warning: I've been told it's a tear jerker

Immortal Secrets Part 2 (A crossover with Highlander.)
Joyce drags Buffy on what is supposed to be a nice, relaxing break from her Slayer duties, but as usual everything does not go as planned.

Business (A crossover with Charmed)
Cole goes to Sunnydale.
Added July 27, 2001

Episode Tie-Ins/Vignettes

Final Goodbyes My first story.
Buffy's POV at the end of Becoming Part 2.

Musings From a Wheelchair
Willow's POV at the end of Becoming Part 2.

Of Dreams and Claddagh Rings: Letting Go  
(Faith, Hope & Trick) Buffy faces the demons she cannot slay. 

Doppelgangland: The Next Day
Cordelia and Wesley come bearing bad news, but get a pleasant surprise instead.

Dear Journal: Doppelgangland  
Willow writes about the events of Doppelgangland.

Dear Journal: The Prom  
This time it's Buffy's turn to write.

A Crazier Plan  
Graduation Day 2 through Willow's eyes.

Other Stuff

Slay Away
Enya's "Orinoco Falls" sung by Buffy. Takes place while Angel is bad.

Top Ten Signs You Live On A Hellmouth
Self explanatory.

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