Takes place the day after Doppelgangland (hence the name) and explains some of the loose ends the episode left.

Doppelgangland: The Next Day

Buffy and her two Watchers were in the library talking about the recent training activities. Or rather, Wesley was talking. Giles and Buffy were half-listening, trying to conceal their boredom and contempt.

Both of them were happy for the interruption even though it came in the form of Cordelia entering the library.

"I thought I should let you know," she began. "Last night I was at the school and I saw . . ." she trailed off, unsure how to say it. "Willow's a vampire," she blurted out.

"Yes," Wesley agreed before anyone else could talk. "I saw it too."

Buffy and Giles were surprised and amused. Obviously Wesley and Cordelia had run into the alternate dimension Willow. But before they could straighten things out, Willow came into the library with Oz and Xander.

"Hi guys!" she said cheerfully.

Cordelia screamed and ran towards Wesley for protection. Wesley also gave a little 'eep,' but went for the nearby cross and holy water.

"What?" Willow asked, confused.

"Stay back, demon," Wesley commanded. He held up a cross to her face. It of course did nothing.

"People seemed to be doing that to you a lot lately," Xander commented.

"It's a curse," Willow said mournfully.

"She's a vampire!" Wesley shouted. He threw some holy water on Willow. "Buffy, slay her!"

Buffy, who had rolled her eyes at Cordelia's attempts to throw herself at Wesley, was now giggling loudly. Her new Watcher's attempts at being heroic were hilarious.

"I am not!" Willow protested. "Why do people keep thinking that?"

Giles was smirking and had to go into his office to keep from laughing. Willow, too, was trying not to laugh at the ridiculous situation. Xander was laughing out loud. Oz, of course, kept a straight face. He never seemed to show any emotion, except affection for his girlfriend.

He turned to her now and played along. "Probably because of that whole escapade last night with our evil alter ego, the vampire Willow."

"Oh yeah," Willow said, as if she had just remembered. "That's a pretty good reason."

"Stop it," Buffy said. She was now laughing uncontrollably. "You're going to kill me if you keep that up! This is just so funny." With that she burst out laughing again.

"But - but - " Wesley was protesting. The holy water and cross haven't affected Willow, so she couldn't be a vampire. But she had definitely been one the night before.

Cornelia was also confused, which made her very annoyed. "What's going on?" she demanded.

Giles, who had regained control of his laughter and come back into the main part of the library, explained. "The Willow you saw was from an alternative dimension. She came here by accident, but we've taken care of everything."

"She's dead?" Wesley asked.



"We sent her back to her own dimension," Buffy said.

'Why didn't you just kill her?" Wesley wanted to know.

"Kill her!" Willow repeated in indignation. "We couldn't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because she was me. Or is me. Or could have been me. Or something." The whole concept could be very confusing.

"She was a demon."

"She would have been Willow but for a bite in the neck," Buffy said.

"That doesn't matter. It's your job to kill vampires."

"Willow's my friend."

"It's your duty to kill all vampires, even those who wear the face of your friends."

They would have gotten into an argument, but Giles stepped in. "I believe you have a class to get to," he reminded Buffy and the others.

They left, but not before Cordelia muttered, "I really hate this place."

The End