Basically the second part of Grad Day 2 through Will's eyes, with a couple of unseen scenes.

A Crazier Plan

Could we possibly pull this off? As Cordelia has so distinctly pointed out, Buffyís plan isnít exactly the sanest one anyone has ever thought of. Well, actually she was much more blunt than that, if you could believe that. Imagine Cordelia being blunt. The world has come to an end.

Thatís probably not the best example to use, considering that the world in fact is very likely to end soon. Our graduation is likely to be the last day on earth. Not a very nice thought. I think Iíll stop thinking about it. Besides, I should probably pay attention to the conversation.

What did Buffy just say? Xanderís a key figure? How, exactly. Oh, his Ďmilitary training.í For a curse, that Halloweíen benefited us quite a bit. This will be the second time we need to call upon his expertise.

"Rocket launcher?" Xander asked.

Buffy shook her head no. "Launcher not going to get it done. I mean, it took a volcano to kill one of these things last time."

Giles rose and took a couple steps towards the Slayer. "Um, Buffy? All this rather dependant on you being able to control the mayor."

"Faith told me to play on his human weakness."

I broke in. "Faith told you? Is that before or after you put her in a coma?" I asked, not really expecting an answer. I was expecting her answer even less.

"After," Buffy said innocently, but a bit uncomfortably it seemed to me. She was aware how that sounded, but was also sure what she saw was true.

"Oh," I said softly and then I frowned.

"His weakness," Giles repeated.

Buffy made a small noise of agreement.

"Which is?" Giles prompted.

"You know, I do all this planning. Iím in charge here, even though Iím really not at my best," Buffy whined.

"Well. Letís, letís, umm, think."

Oz interrupted. "Well, Angel, you know him the most, is there anything that heís afraid of?"

"Well," Angel thought about it, "Heís not crazy about germs."

"Of course!" Cordelia exclaimed. "Thatís it. Weíll attack him with germs!"

"Great, weíll get him cornered and then you can sneeze on him," Buffy said sarcastically.

"No!" Cordelia explained. "Weíll get a container of Ebola virus and . . . Or it doesnít even have to be real. We can just get a box that says Ebola on it, and chase him." We all stared at he. She looked back self consciously, then added defensively, "With the box."

Well, duh! Really, Cordelia what a stupid, idiotic idea. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head of hers. How in the world did she think of such an idea? More importantly, how could she think that itís a good idea? Does she not realize what she says? Does she ever think about what sheís going to say before she opens her mouth and says it? There are times when I seriously doubt she does. And sheís supposed to be so smart. Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again. I donít understand Cordelia Chase.

"Iím starting to lean towards the hummis offence," Xander joked.

"Theyíll never see it coming," Oz agreed.

Dear Oz. Heís so sweet and funny. Always making a joke, lightening our mood. I donít know what Iíd do without him.

"Faith," Angel said suddenly. I jumped a little. He had been lost in his thoughts, like me, so I wasnít expecting him to speak.

"Faith?" Buffy repeated?

Angel explained, "At the hospital he was grieving. Seriously crazed and not just in homicidal about to be a demon way."

"Faith, I can work that."

Wesley chose this moment to come into the library and announce his attentions to help. Cordelia did her usual ĎWesley is the greatest man in the worldí routine.

"Okay," Buffy began. "This is how itís going to happen. Willow, you and Oz are on volcano duty."

I looked at Oz, he looked at me, and our eyes met. He gave me a reassuring smile and spoke up. "Weíre on it." I nodded in agreement.

We went to one of the library tables and began our task. Presently Buffy came along to check on our progress.

"Percy!" I called out when I found my prey. He was grumbling about his graduation robe. I reassured him it was fine. Then I moved on to more important stuff.

"You got a sec?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," he said, confused. I led him out to the hall.

"Whatís wrong?" he asked.

"Well, you know how there are things that happen here in Sunnydale that donít happen anywhere else?" I started, unsure where else I could begin.

"Yes," he said, not sure where I was leading.

"Well, one of those things are happening at grad."


"Itís the mayor," I explained. "The short version is, after his speech heís going to turn into a monster and try and kill everyone."

Percy stared at me in disbelief.

"Itís true," I insisted. "Anyways, go to the library, and theyíll give you the full version."

Percy still didnít look like he believed me, but he did what I asked anyways. I spent the next few minutes spreading the word to anyone I saw. Soon, everyone knew what was going on.

Then I brought some guys out to Ozís van. They unloaded his van and brought the supplies to the library.

Sunnydale High was ready for war.

"Nervous?" Oz asked me.

"Only in a terrified way," I admitted.

"Weíre going to make it through this," he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Oz frowned. "I sound pretty sure, donít I."


"Then I must be sure," he told me.

"Is that just a comforting way of not answering the question?" I asked him.

Oz looked at me and smiled. Then he leaned in and we kissed. We stayed there until the ceremony was about to begin. Well, actually, we stayed a bit longer than that. We sort of lost track of time. There were other things on out minds. For the second time in two days, I made love to the man I loved.

I didnít miss much, only Snyderís speech.

Then Buffy and I discovered the horrible, horrible speech. Did we think the mayor evil before? He is a true minion of hell. He was planning on giving his whole speech.

"Just ascend already," I muttered to the Slayer beside me.

I started to daydream until it started. Our first warning was the eclipse. Most of the adults were looking around, confused and worried, but all the students had been warned. We started to brace ourselves for the big finale.

All our parents scattered like leaves in the wind. Meanwhile the graduating class stood our ground till Buffy gave the word. Then we threw off our cloaks and armed ourselves. Mr. Military Leader Xander gave the orders and we obeyed.

A couple of students chickened out, and ran off. They didnít make it far. Wilkins had a back up plan in the way of a troop of vampires. Luckily we had planned on them. After the first wave of flaming arrows was shot, Angel appeared with his crew of non-graduating helpers.

The vampires werenít a problem for now.

Snyder, meanwhile, was babbling on about the lack of order and discipline. I canít believe he stood up to a 50-foot monster and ordered him to stop. Though I have to admit that I donít think anyone grieved when he was swallowed whole. I almost cheered, but it seemed a bit inappropriate. I probably wouldnít have been able to hold it back if we werenít in the middle of a battle for the world.

We werenít going to be able to hold out much longer, and Xander knew this. He gave the order to retreat. We all joined hands and rushed down the stairs. We managed to trample most of the vampires that had survived Angelís attack and were now trying to kill us.

It was scary and crowded, but we succeeded in getting out with almost no casualties. Listen to me. Now I seem like the one with military training, not Xander.

The next thing I knew, the school exploded. I mean, really exploded. I didnít think the explosion would be that big. I mean, I knew intellectually how big it was going to be, but I didnít actually realize it.

I hope Buffy got out okay. I wish with all my heart that she managed to cheat death once again.

I clung to my boyfriend, and he held me tight, whispering to me softly: "Itís alright, sweetheart. Iím sure Buffy got out."

He always knows what Iím feeling, and he always knows how to make me feel better. Heís the best boyfriend a girl could possibly have.

As soon as it seemed to be safe, or, to be honest, before that, Oz and I were off at top speed around the ruins to the explosive device. Xander and Cordelia joined us. Halfway there we met Buffy. Giles close behind her.

"Are you alright?"

I think everyone asked this at the same time. Then we were all hugging and talking at once.

The next few moments were a blur. None of us were coherent until we heard the sirens coming down the street.

Cordelia disentangled herself and cried out "Wesley!" She sprinted out to find him.

The rest of us looked at each other, remembering the other member of our team. Then we all ran after her.

We found him, moaning and groaning in pain. He wasnít hurt, at least not badly, so we left him alone. Well, not alone. Cordelia was with him, clucking over his injuries. Personally, I feel sorry for him. Not being able to move and having Cordelia bothering him like that. Of course, he seems to enjoy her company. Canít understand why.

Buffy and Xander went off, in search for Angel, I think. Giles went back to the ruins, looking for something or other. Oz and I went off by ourselves, too. We needed the time.

We didnít make out or have sex or anything like that. Instead, he just sat together in silence, thinking about what had happened.

Xander came and joined us and presently Cordelia came over, too.

"Well, that was the most fun you can have without actually having fun," she said.

"What about the part where you kicked some demon ass?" I asked, excitedly. Maybe I was a bit too hyper, but the dayís events were a bit much, and I was still running on overdrive. I had the feeling that as soon as I went home, Iíd burst out into tears. "I didnít hate that."

"Hear, hear," Xander agreed.

Buffy walked over. "You guys want to take off," she said. "I think weíve done pretty much everything we can."

"Iím for it," Cordelia said.

"Are you okay?" I asked softly. I had already asked her that three or four times today, as had everyone else in the Scooby gang, but I didnít mean physically this time. I hadnít gotten the chance to ask her about her mental state yet.

Buffy thought about it for a minute, staring off into state, before turning her head to me and answering: "Yes. Iím okay." She continued, "I could use a little sleep, though. If someone could just wake me when itís time to go to college, thatíd be great.

I laughed a little at her joke. Then Oz spoke. "Guys, take a moment to deal with this." I wasnít looking at him, but I had the feeling that if I had been, heíd have his Oz smile on his face right now.

"We survived."

"It was a hell of a battle," Buffy said.

Not the battle," Oz corrected her. "High school. Iím taking a moment."

I smiled, then got up. So did Buffy.

"And weíre done," he said. Xander followed our suit and we all left and walked away into the darkness. Oz put his arm around me and I leaned on him.

We graduated high school.

We made it.

The End