Top Ten Ways You Know You're Living Over a Hellmouth

First of all, I'd like to say that most of the ideas for this list came from my good friend Bree.

10. You want to study and be normal.

9. People with fangs attack and kill people and the police can cover it up.

8. There are 12 cemeteries, in a town small enough to only need 1 highschool.

7. The number 7 on the top ten list doesn't exist.

6. No one minds too much that your boyfriend's a demon until he starts trying to kill everyone.

5. The swim team aren't people with really good aquatic abilities, but fish with really good breathing abilities.

4. On Hallowe'en pumpkin smashing and egging is the worst of your worries.

3. It takes your mother two seasons to realize more is going on with your life than the usual teen rebellion, and still only after you have to stake the undead in front of her.

2.When a teacher is killed so a student will teach their class.

1.People aren't sure if you're joking when you say your mother spontaneously decombusted after hearing your SAT scores.