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Episode Tie-Ins

How Could He? (The Pilot)
Isabel's response to what happened in the pilot.

Just Wait (The Pilot)
The Sheriff reflects.

Answers of the Unsatisfactory Kind (River Dog)
Written for a RPG audition.   Michael's POV.

No More Secrets (Heatwave)
An alternate ending to Heatwave because I thought it needed one. Isabel tells Alex everything.

Fair (The Balance)
Max is frustrated and annoyed at Isabel and Michael.
Exclusive to my site.

Off Balance (The Balance)
After Max and Liz break up there is some awkwardness and Kyle uses the opportunity to get closer to Liz.

Bloody Moon (Toy House)
The Evans' watch the lunar eclipse.

Cleaning Up the Mess (Blind Date)
Max and Isabel try to fix Max's mess from when he was drunk and Michael finds out about Nasedo's fire.

Chat at the Crashdown (Sexual Healing)
Maria and Liz do some catching up.

Human Traits (The End of the World)
Max and Tess have a heart-to-heart.

Challenge Responses

The Mission Written for the ABC challenge.
Isabel Evans is on a mission.

Love Makes Ya Do the Wacky Written for the crazy challenge where the most unusual couples get together.

The Mystery Behind Locked Drawers
An "Alien Attraction" piece.

'tis the Season

'tis the Season: Fudge and Mistletoe and Elves, Oh My!
It's the last day of school and the gang gets a little hyper.

'tis the Season: Babysitting in Buffalo
Isabel and Max get stuck babysitting their cousins.

'tis the Season: The Christmas Baby
Michael finds a baby on Christmas day. Warning, a little depressing considering it's a X-mas fic

Alien Attraction

Risks - Isabel
Michael/Isabel piece that is a set-up for my upcoming series. Isabel's POV. Set after "Independence Day"

Risks - Michael
The other half. Michael's POV. Set after "Independence Day"

Set after "Independence Day"


The Mystery Behind Locked Drawers
A fluff piece, written for a challenge.


Breaking the Ice
Kyle and Isabel go to a school dance.

No Earthly Ship
A What-If? future fic.

Comforting Recognition
Michael and Isabel hang out.

Why I think Michael and Isabel make a good couple
Not a fic

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