How Could He?

I can't believe Max told someone. Just because he's had a crush on her since the second he laid eyes on there's no reason to go and blab all our secrets. I mean, what do we know about Liz? She's pretty, she seems nice, and she's Ms. Scientist! How could Max tell all to a science geek? Does he want to end up on a dissection table?

When we asked why he'd do such a stupid thing, he answered, "Because it's Liz." Well, he didnít actually come out and say that, but it's what he meant. How could he do this to us? We promised each other. We had a sacred pact never to reveal our secret to a human. It's just too risky. And he broke it just like that, without a second thought. He cared more for the life of Liz, a girl who barely knows he exists, and is very likely to be saved by human medicine very soon, than he did of his own. Or Michael's. Or mine.

I've always known he had feelings for Liz. But I never knew they were so strong. I never realized he cared for her so deeply. I think he's really and truly in love with her. As if our lives weren't complicated enough.

And now the sheriff's suspicious. Something big must not have added up, or maybe a couple of little things. Perhaps Liz let something slip to Kyle and he told his dad. Or maybe Maria said something she shouldn't have.

That's the other thing. It was bad enough letting one human know. I mean, we haven't even told out own parents, and if anyone, I think they'd understand. Well, mine and Max's would. The man who takes care of Michael doesn't constitute as a parent.

"Don't worry," Max said. "She's promised not to tell anyone." Well that lasted all of, what, a minute? "Oh, don't worry," Liz said. "She's promised not to tell anyone." Where have I heard that before? When will we hear those words from Maria's lips? Will she wait a week before deciding to trust our fates to a friend? Or will she just go out as soon as she can and announce it to the world atop the highest building she can fine? How soon will it be before the whole world knows our little secret. When will the men in black show up to "escort" us to some top-secret military base? How soon until we, disappear off of the face of this planet, so to speak?

How many days do I even have left to live?

The End