This and "How Could He?" were the first two Roswell stories I wrote.  I wrote them a couple days after seeing the pilot before any of the other episodes aired, so they some of it may not be cannon.

Just Wait

I always thought my dad was crazy.

I wasn't the only one. No one I knew took his ranting about aliens seriously. I don't even remember that night, the night he discovered the body. The night he found the body. I know what happened, though. My dad's told me, and anyone who would listen to him, about it a thousand times if he's said it once. I do remember how ridiculous my father looked. I remember how everyone made fun of him behind his back. Some people even had the nerve to mock him to his face.

Nevertheless, he always stuck by his story. Not once did he waver, not even when his reputation was all but ruined. I remember how embarrassed I was about him. I was still too young to recognize how hard it was to stand up to people when everyone thinks you're wrong. All I wished was that it never happened. I wished I had a normal father, one that didn't talk about aliens all the time. I wanted a father who wasn't delusional.

I no longer think he was crazy. Aliens did crash, all those years ago. I was an alien who killed that man. And there was an alien involved in last week's shooting. Max Evans.

Liz is covering for him. I know it. I could see it in her eyes when I was talking to her. She didn't know her stomach would be unmarked. He thought the . . . handprint would still be there.

What I don't know is why she's covering for him. I don't see how she would want to try and protect that creature. Does she like him? That can't be. She's going out with my son. Unless she's just leading him on. But then she wouldn't be the nice girl everyone thinks she is. Has she been fooling everyone all along? Why else would she be protecting the Evans boy?

I know Evans is an alien. He knows I know. But he also knows I have no proof. The look in his eyes was that of a terrified animal. A helpless animal, knowing it was about to be slaughtered. He's truly afraid of me and what I know.

I'll be watching him. Him and Liz both. Sooner or later one of them is bound to mess up. And when they do, I'll be there.

I'll prove it to the world that my father's not crazy.

Neither am I.

Just wait.

The End