The Mission

Another minute slowly ticked by. Bored, Isabel stared at the clock, willing it to go faster.

'Come on,' she thought, 'hurry up.' Drumming her fingers on her desk, Isabel sighed silently. English was, in her opinion, the most boring subject. Finally the bell rang and Isabel, along with everyone else in her class, quickly grabbed their books and bags and left the class.

Gertrude Jamieson, Isabel's English teach, called out a homework assignment to her fleeing class, earning their hatred. Homework was not on Isabel's schedule for that night. Isabel was planning on doing something much more enjoyable than school work.

Just as she reached her locker, Isabel caught sight of her prey. Kyle Valenti was heading towards her with a bunch of his jock friends. Looking at herself once in the mirror to make sure every last hair was in place, Isabel drifted towards him.

Meanwhile, Kyle had seen Isabel's killer, hungry smile and threw wild, desperate glances at his friends. Not noticing Kyle's lack of interest in the goddess they knew as Isabel Evans, they nodded at each other, smirking, as they knew that smile meant Isabel had picked out her next conquest. Only thinking with their hormones, they quickly scattered, claiming to have places to go and people to see.

Panicking, Kyle looked around, but Isabel slid in smoothly beside him before he could make his escape.

"Quite a game that was," she purred seductively.

"R-right," Kyle stammered, unable to think of anything else to say.

Smiling even more broadly, Isabel narrowed the distance between them. The look on Kyle's face was priceless, but not the one she was looking for. Unperturbed, Isabel placed her hand lightly on his arm, thrilled at the fact he seemed to shiver at her touch.

"'Valenti was the star of the game,'" she quoted from the article in the Roswell Times about the game. "Wanda's party, are you going?"

Xylophone sounds came suddenly and loudly from the nearby music room, giving Kyle a moment to think about answer.

"Yes," he said, carefully watching his words.

Zest was lacking from his voice and this disappointed Isabel. Zigzagging through the halls as not to bump into anyone else, she waited for her chance.

"You wouldn't rather go someplace . . . private with me?" Isabel, after cornering Kyle, whispered huskily to him, as she played with the top bottoms of his shirt absently.

X-ray vision was Isabel's guess for the superpower Kyle most wanted then, at least judging by the way was looking at her.

"With you by yourself?" Kyle repeated, his heart racing. Vainly he tried to resist her once more. "Usually I don't party privately until at least the third date," he attempted a joke.

"Then I guess I've heard wrong, because according to your exes, you've never really 'partied privately' before. Surely you'd rather be with me then at some stupid party."

Refusal was impossible for Kyle, even though his mind was screaming for it. Quivering, Kyle found his voice and agreed.

"Perfect," Isabel said, smiling triumphantly. "Okay, you can pick me up at eight."

Nodding Kyle asked where she lived. Memory being one of his many assets, Kyle made to leave as soon as he found out Isabel's address. Leaning closer to him, however, Isabel showed she had other plans. Kissing him slowly, but strongly, Isabel pulled away a minute later from a very stunned football player.

"Just a taste of what will happen tonight," she promised with a smile.

"Isabel," Kyle said, breathlessly.

Happy now that her plans were coming together perfectly, Isabel simply smiled and put her finger to his lips to shush him. Giggles came close to emerging from Isabel, but she firmly clamped them down. Finally she decided Kyle wasn't going to speak, so she removed her finger.

"Eight o'clock, remember. Don't be late."

Caressing Kyle's face once more, Isabel turned around and left. "Be on time!" she reminded him a final time before disappearing from his line of sight.

Another boy at West Roswell High had fallen under Isabel Evans' spell.

The End