What if Alderaan hadn't been Destroyed?
A Round Robin


Leia watched in horror as the Death Star neered her home planet of alderaan. could this really be happening?
She couldn't think....Vader was asking for something but what?

"where is the rebal base?" the husky voice asked again.

"it's on..it's on ..Dantooie...!!

"i tld you that she would release the information!! It would just take the right kind of motivation!"

"Don't be too hasty in your assumptions lord Vader!" replied the MOff. "shes bee known to pull tricks on us before..lets not have her puling another!"

The planet of Dantooie was isolated..not many inhabitants if any!! She hoped she'd made the right desicion!! If only she could get off the Moonlike space ship...

MoronDude Leia had been sleeping when the door to her Detention cell door slid open. She was startled to see Lord Vader and 3 stormtroopers standing in the doorway.

"We are 10 minutes away from entering Dantooine's system, Princess. You had better not be playing games with us, or you will learn the true meaning of 'Imperial Justice'."

Vader nods to the Stormtrooper on his right, then turns to leave. The 3 stormtroopers grab Princess Leia, and escort her behind Vader to the Main Bridge of the Death Star.

Liz Skywalker "We are in orbit around Dantooine, Lord Vader."

"Thank you, Commander." Vader acknoledged.

"I still think this is a mistake, Vader." Tarkin objected.

"This may be your vessel, Governor, but in the matter of the Rebels, I reign supreme."

Rokangus Han Solo pulled back on the hyperspace lever, as the Millenium Falcon came of hyperspace.

"Well, we're here," Han called back to his two passengers. The kid ran forward and strained to look past Chewbacca's immense form.

"Wow" the kid, Luke Han thought he was called, breathed, "I've never seen a planet so...green!"

Not nearly as green as you, Kid, Han thought sardonically. The old man also had joined them now in the Falcon's cockpit. "How long until we are able to land?"

Han shrugged, "With the air-traffic control around here, who knows? But I'll bet you this, we're probably somewhere near the bottom of the stack."

"Simply tell them that Obi-wan is here to see Bail Organa. Tell will understand, I think."

Alright, oldtimer, whatever you say, Han thought as he relayed the message. Then to Han's surprise, the Falcon was given immediate clearance to land at the Aldera Palace, no less. Han looked at the old man, Obi-wan with mixed surprise.

Obi-wan merely smiled back. "Even we oldtimers still have a few tricks up our sleave."

TrinityDay This must be the welcoming party," Han muttered. He was referring to the group standing in front of the Falcon. There were about a dozen guards and other men, higher ranking officials, if their clothes were anything to go by.

Obi-Wan ignored Han and walked down to greet them. "Bail," he said, inclining his head slightly.

"General Kenobi," Bail Organa said, relief evident in his voice. "We are glad to see you again."

"General?" Han question, not bothering to keep his voice down.

Obi-Wan turned to his companions, as if remembering them for the first time. "Bail, this is Captain Solo and his first mate, Chewbacca. They were kind enough to bring us here to Alderaan. I'm afraid we did not have enough money at the time to pay them, and will have to ask if you could cover the rest."

"Of course, of course," Bail said, waving his wand as if to say Obi-Wan needn't bother to ask.

"And this," Obi-Wan said, turning to Luke, who was too busy gawking at the Palace to pay any attention to the conversation, "is Luke Skywalker."

Bail's slightly widened eyes were the only indication of his shock. There were some advantages to being a diplomat. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the only one who noticed it.

"Hmm?" Luke asked, hearing his name. He turned back toward Obi-Wan.

"Luke, Han, Chewbacca, may I present Bail Organa of Alderaan."

"Nice to meet you," Luke said. Han had the feeling the farm boy had no idea who or what Bail Organa was. Oh well, he would find out soon enough.

"Obi-Wan," Bail said, "I'm glad you were able to make it here so quickly."

"Any news on Leia?" Obi-Wan asked.

Bail frowned. "I thought you knew. We just received news . . . her ship was destroyed . . . There weren't . . . there weren't any survivors."

"What!" Luke exclaimed, looking devastated. "She's dead? The girl from the message is dead?"

"What message?" Bail demanded.

"I think perhaps you may want to listen to this," Obi-Wan said, as he summoned R2-D2 to play the message he and Luke had heard on Tattoine for Bail.
MoronDude "We are now receiving the reports from the probe droids on the planet, sir" the young Corperal reported.

Grand Moff Tarkin smiled, "Excellent. Are there any signs of civilization down there?"

The Corperal punched a few buttons on his display screen. Suddenly, his search produced a report.

"No structures. No machinery. Many lifeforms. Few tribes, mostly scavangers."

Tarkin slammed his fist into his palm. His anger rising, he barked, "Keep searching!"

Darth Vader placed his hand on Tarkin's left shoulder. "This is pointless. The Princess has obviously lied to us."

"She will pay for this." Tarkin said, "We will destroy Alderaan, then destroy her."

"The longer we keep her alive, the less our chances of finding the Rebels become. The Force is strong with her. She is more powerful than you realize."

"Yes, the Force," Tarkin mocks sarcasticly, "She's only a female. What damage can she do from the Detention Block?"

Tarkin turns to the Navigation Controllers, "Set a course back to Alderaan!"

"Yes, sir."

Jedi_Sky Luke wandered ahead o Obi-wan and BAil Organa, marvelling at the beutiful scenery!! he had never BEEN to a planet like this..it ws incredible!!

farther behind him Wan and BAil were discussing the message and thining of sending someone up to see if leia was held captive or not!

"Even if we do send someone who could we send? my people are skilled but not that skilled!"

"i will take the boy and solo and the wookie, if they'l agree to it. other thasn that it will be just like old times."

Your not as young as you used to be Obi-Wan!"

"neither are you. Neither are you"


Leia wished thast the mind access drug would where off..her head was spinning and she felt sick...her biody was almost numb from so many hours of lieing down.

Had the Death Star reached Dantooie yet? she hoped not...once there the planet would not fool the Dark Lord!!

If only she could tell them the real base!!! if only to save Alderaan!!! she needed to do something. Racking her brain for a planet that had no inhabitants that would fool the Imperials.

If only ashe could tell them the real base!

But she could never sell out the rebbelion! Could she?


meanwhile on the millenium Falcon Han Solo had just made the bargain of a lifetime!!! all he had to do was fly these two Dessert hermits to a space station!! well okay maybe not the deal of a life time..but it woul.d pay back all his debts..not to mention the stuff they alredy owed him!! His life was getting better by the minute!!

But what would he do once he got to the station? he could smuggle them in ? but would that work? h had to try! for his sake!

Liz Skywalker "Bail, we need to tell Luke about Leia." Obi-Wan said.

"But, Ben, is that safe?"

"It's safer than letting him think that Leia's his dream girl."

Trinity Day Bail choked. "He thinks *what*?"

"When he saw the message, he became infatuated with her," Obi-Wan explained calmly.

"But he - she - they - "

"I know," Obi-Wan said, still infuriatingly calm, "and you know, but they don't. And that's my point. It will be unhealthy if we allow the infatuation to continue."

"But are you sure it's a good idea? I mean, he does seem to be a little naive still. Do you really think it's time to tell him about Anakin and Amidala and everything else?"

"I do not plan to tell him the entire story. Only what is relevant."

Bitterly, Bail asked, "If you've already made up your mind, I don't see why you've even bothered to inform me."

Obi-Wan looked at Bail reproachingly. "I haven't made up my mind. In truth, I'm hoping you can find a way to talk me out of this. It is not a task I look forward to. Too many questions will be raised. I don't have an answer to all of them."

"There aren't answers to all of them," Bail muttered.

"What have you told Leia?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Not much," Bail admitted. "She knows her mother's name was Padme Naberrie. She knows she is not to speak of the name to anyone. She knows of Ami's death. I haven't told her much else, but I'm afraid she's guessed at a lot more. How much, I do not know. It is not a conversation that comes up often."

"And of Anakin?" Obi-Wan prompted.

Bail shook his head. "She hasn't asked of her father."

"And Luke hasn't asked about his mother, to my knowledge. What a find pair they make."

Bail sighed and looked out the window. "So, what have you decided? How much will you tell them?"

"As little as possible," Obi-Wan said. "Enough to crush the infatuation before it gets any worse."

Obi-Wan started to stand up, but Bail stopped him. His voice pitifully low, he asked, "Are you sure about Leia, then?"

"Almost positive," Obi-Wan assured him. "She isn't dead. I would know if she were dead. Our best bet of finding her will be to look on that space station." He looked at his friend. Bail Organa without a doubt cared greatly for his foster daughter. "Don't worry, old friend. We will bring her back safely. Meanwhile, it would do you good to have those plans in Artoo analyzed. The sooner we find a weakness in that monstrosity, the better."

"Then you will be leaving the droids with us?" Bail questioned.

"Yes." With a mirthless grin, Obi-Wan added, "It does not seem right to separate R2-D2 from C-3PO. Not after all these years."

He started to get up again and made it all the way to the door this time before Bail interrupted. "Good luck, Obi-Wan. I have a feeling you'll need it."

Obi-Wan smiled again. "There's no such thing as luck."
Liz Skywalker  "Luke, I need to talk to you."

"Okay, Ben." Luke stood from the tree he has been sitting under.

"No need to get up, I'll sit down. Now, Luke, there's something I need to tell you. What did you feel when you saw the girl in the holo?"

"I felt connected, like we were meant to be together."

"Luke, this isn't going to be easy to tell you. That girl, her name is Leia, is your sister."

"My sister??? But I don't have a sister!"

"Luke, you and your sister were seperated at birth. I was given you to look after, and Bail was given Leia."

"But what about our parents?"

"Your parents are dead, Luke. We needed to save you from Vader."

"Vader. He killed my father, didn't he?"

"Yes, Luke, he did." Lies and lies, Obi-Wan chastised himself. He promised himself never to lie to the boy again. Anakin may or may not be Vader but making this boy hate his father could be their undoing.

Jedi_Sky   Aboard the Death Star Vader and Tarkin, were ready to take action on the peacful planet of Alderaan.

"If she tells us a valid place than we'll destroy that planet...than destroy her!!!"

"I'm begging to like the way you think Lord Vader!"

Uisceban As Princess Leia, lay in her cell, she found herself at conflict with her own mind.

She knew she didn't want to die but could she trade in her life for tens of others in the rebellion. Then she thought of Bail Organa the man she knew as Father for most of her life. How could she just let him die too.
Rokangus  One of the aides burst into the chambers where Obi-wan, Luke, and Bail waited.

"Milord!" the flustered aide blustered, "Something just came out of hyperspace, some huge station..."

Obi-wan got a faraway look in his eyes. "She's here...aboard the station...the Death Star..."

"Leia?" Luke asked earnestly, "My sister's in that...thing?"

"Yes," Obi-wan replied, "But I fear we do not have much time. We must move quickly or all will be lost, I fear."
TrinityDay Vader looked at the planet looming in front of him. It was weird, but he thought he felt something . . . familiar. No, some*one* familiar. It was almost like . . .

Obi-Wan Kenobi.

His old master was down there on the planet.
MoronDude Some low level Navigation controller reported," 15 minutes to Alderaan."

Tarkin turned and nodded at him, then turned to Vader,"Go get the Princess. This will be the last time she will be given a chance to speak... not that it will do her any good."

Vader nodded, and walked out of the bridge.

Tarkin felt a rush of pleasure as he looked upon the planet of Alderaan. "What a joy it will be to disintegrate this world", he thought."This will send a shock through the Rebellion. They will have no choice but to give up this futile insurrection once and for all. Did I have the Technicians close off that thermal exaust port? Aww, nevermind."

Just then his eye caught a small ship leaving Alderaan's atmosphere. It looked Corelean(sp?) in design, and something very familiar struck him. He quickly dismissed it when he noticed to was flying closer. He turned to the Comm Station. "Find out what they want!"

"Yes, sir." The Leutenant sent them a pre-recoded message and waited for a responce. "Sir, they are not responding."

"What?!? Then destroy them. ...Wait! On second thought, pull them in with a Tractor Beam. They will have front row seats for the destruction of their planet."

"As Ordered, sir."

Jedi_Sky Obi-Wan hurried the boy out of the palace to the docking station where tha millenium falcon was on standby. there was no time to waste i they were to get the princess out of the station. She might already be dead for as much as he knew...he might also have to face Vader..so it would help to have solo along to keep the boy from following him into the midst of danger.

"how can we be sure that shes still alive?" asked an anxious farm boy.

"she will probably be kept alive till they find out where the plans for the daeth star are."

" and how come we never met?" he asked as he sat down in the passenger seat in the cockpit.

Obi-Wanever had time to answere. the falcon shot into the atmosphere pushing Kenobi against his seat.

As they past the first traffic controller they saw their first glimpse of the gigantic space station.

"this is what you want me to penetrate?"asked Solo with a doubtful look on his face "you better be paying me better than before for what you expect me to do!!"

"General Solo if you take us their i wil pesonally give you the money you request for the mission. But for now you had better concentrate on theose tie-bombers..there coming in fast and hard!!"


Vader paneled the locking mechanism on the princeses door...this would be her last chance to tell him where the rebal base is. She would coperate or die. Not that it made much differance anyways. In a few more days she would be dead..they would ahve no m,ore need for a rebal princess.


Now bail could only hope for the best...he didn't want his daughter to die...even if she wasn't REALLy his...and what about winter? how would she take it?

so many questions...yet not enough answers....

Jedi_Sky   The falcon was pulled in by the tractor beam, and landed in the main port of the station where tsecurtiy was heavyest. Four humans and a proticle droid hid in the smuggling compartments waiting for the scanner crews.

When the heard the thud thud thud of the boots coming up the ramps they prepared to strike. they would need a way to get into and around the station with out being noticed. after they passed the smuggling holds they jumped out and tackled them from behind....
I love Sci Fi Leia sat in her cell alone. <No not Alderaan. Anything but Alderaan.>

She looked up as she heard a trooper coming near, but the trooper kept going.

<What can I do? I can't tell Vader about the rebelion, but I love Alderaan. Oh daddy I wish you were here.>
Jedi_Sky   Han and "the kid" as he had come accustom to calling luke, were going to go to the detention level to see if they could find the princess. Obi-wan was going to shut down the tractor beam, than he was going to confront Vader.

Han and Luke pulled on the storm trooper armer. it was a snug fit for himself. But it looked like Lukes could use some ajusting.

They left the hanger, with a wookie inbetween. Chewie had on a piar of binders to play the role of thecaptured crewman. It seemed as if this was a common accurance on this ship. Hardly anyone payed attention to them.

They soon reachedthe lift. luckily for them someone was already on there way down to the detention level. Then a comm beeped. The other unifored personal in the lift took out the comm and spoke a few words. at the next levl he stopped the lift and got out.

"see kid every thing will work out. We don't even have to play geusse the level"

"yeah i geusse, but what if shes not alive? What if she's not here?"

"Don't ask questions kid. We'll know soon enough."


Obi-Wan on the other hand was having a few more difficulties. Every where eh went there were hundreds of crewmen, gaurding, patrolling, repairing, and doing most anything else that was possible. unfortunatle they wer also all armed.

Using the force was the only way he could get past them. As he reached the control room for the tractor beam he saw about five gaurds surronding the doors. using the force he made it seem as though some one was coming from the opposite direction.
All turned to look. not seeing anyone they rounded the bend arms raised with their weapons.

He quickly and silently hifted into the room.

there was a long pavilon in the center there were two huge beams stretching down and up out of site. (if anybody knows what those are called could ya please let me know?) there were circular platforms around them. he walked over to the one on his left and pulled down on a lever. the lights flickered off than on, as he pulled it up again.

he did the same thing to three more controls to bring down the tractor beams.

Now that the others would be able to leave, he left to find vader.

Jedi_Sky   As they stepped of the lift in ot the detention center they noticed that there weren't as many gaurds as they had beleived.

"what are you doing wioth that...thing?"

"captured him off the in coming vessel, bring down to be contained." replied Han

the controller glared at HAn...."How come i was not informed of the new prisnor?"

"i am under orders to bring directly to the detention area."

"unders whos orders?"

"under my own!!"

HAn threw away chewies bindors and pulled for his weapon. luke fallowed suite and started blasting the security cams. HAn sent two quick shots over to the controller making him collapse on the floor.. the other gaurds rushed to help but a few more quick shots from Chewie took care of them. Luke continued to send off blast at the xcmas...w hile a gaurd tried to sneak up on Chewie...


Chewie ducked his head, the gaurd took his blaster and swung it at him. he missed but not by much..chewie brought himself to his full height and grabbed the gaurd. bringing him oveer his head he threw him down the hall. the gaurd fell unconscious.

"hey kid she in cell block 1138,...Go get her!!"

Luke ran down the hall, as he got to the cell more storm trooper came rudhing to the controllers releif....


"We meat again."


"This time i shall not fail my new master!"
vader replied as he activated his light saber...

TrinityDay  Luke burst into the cell. The princess was lying on her side. She looked up when her brother came into the room.

"Leia?" Luke asked.

"You finally worked up the guts to dispose of my title?" Leia asked acidly. "I'm impressed." Her tone showed that she was anything but.

"What?" Luke asked, genuinely confused. "Oh. The uniform." He pulled off the helmet. "I'm not really a stormtrooper. M'name's Luke Skywalker and I'm - "

He broke off. He had been about to say he was her brother, but then he remembered that Ben had told him Leia didn't know. The old man had asked Luke not to say anything to Leia until they had some time to talk about it.

"I'm here to rescue you," he finished lamely.

Just then, Luke heard a roar from Chewie. Han yelled down the corridor, "Luke! Hurry up! We're about to get company."

"Who's that?" Leia asked. She had not gotten up; she didn't seem to trust Luke yet.

"Oh, that's Han," Luke said.

"Han?" Leia asked, scrunching up her nose.

"Han Solo," Luke elaborated. "Along with his co-pilot, Chewbacca. We came along with Ben Kenobi - "

Before he could explain any further, Leia jumped up. "Ben Kenobi!" she exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me sooner." She made her way to the entrance of the cell and grabbed the blaster out of Luke's hands. "C'mon," she said, taking command.
MoronDude  Grand Moff Tarkin waited impationatly for Vader to return with the princess and also for word from the scanning crew who were checking the captured ship. Information seemed to stop in the last hour. Tarkin couldn't leave the bridge because he could not trust anyone else to take control. He couldn't destroy Alderaan until he spoke with the Princess because it seemed to be his only means of bargaining.

"What is taking Vader so long?",Tarkin thought.


Darth Vader had been anticipating this meeting with his old master for years. Somehow he knew Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive somewhere out there in the universe. Now he had him right here, and he was confident he would prevail.

"The circle is now complete",Vader remarked by mocking a circle with the blade of his lightsaber. "The student is now the master."

"Only a master of evil, Darth." Obi-Wan was not as youthful as he once was, but he knew his destiny was being fufulled.

Obi-Wan, more testing than attacking, jabbed at Vader with his lightsaber. Vader, in turn, knocked the blade away, and brought his saber up to strike. Obi-Wan swung his blade up to parry, than stepped back, and regaurded his former student. And with that, the battle began.


It seemed to Princess Leia that she was being rescued by the lousiest party in the universe. She hadn't been out of her cell more that 2 minutes, when a barrage of blaster bolts sprayed from their only escape route. The young man who resured her was blindly fireing a blaster rifle down the detention block corredor like a frightened Gllork Bug shooting various juices from it's tail in a futile attempt to blind it's attackers. The other one, a more handsome man, was duck and dodgeing like a rookie stormtrooper. She decided that she was their only chance at escaping. Looking around, she spotted a garbage chute panel. Maybe, just maybe they could escape like that.

TrinityDay "Well, it's nice to know you can break *into* a detention block, but did anyone actually think that they might want to *leave* it again?" the princess snapped.

Han looked over at her, annoyed. Maybe it was old-fashioned of him, but he had always pictured princesses as docile things. Not only was this one breaking the image, but she also had the nerve to insult him while he was risking his neck to save her.

"He's the brains around here," he said, jerking a thumb at Luke. He immediately had to flatten himself against the wall as more blaster fire came at them. The poor kid looked confused, making Han almost regret blaming the entire thing on him. Almost.

"Well, if no one else is going to try to save us . . . " The princess shot a hole into a garbage chute and jumped down. Luke and Chewie followed her while Han took the rear, shooting a few last shots at the Imperials at the other end of the hall.

They landed in a big pile of garbage. Han didn't even want to think about what the wet stuff might be. He was really glad he had the stormtrooper uniform on over his real clothes. It at least gave him some protection.

"Oh, isn't this great," he muttered, trying to stand up. He took a good look around the room. There was one door, locked of course, that Luke was trying to open.

"Stand back," he told the kid, disgusted.

At the same time Luke and Leia shouted, "No," Han shot his blaster at the door. The two humans and the Wookie immediately dived for cover and two seconds later, when the beam ricochet off the walls, Han understood why.

"The rooms magnetically sealed," the princess shouted at him. "We already tried that."

"Well, sor-ry," Han said belligerently. He was about to say more when Luke suddenly whispered, "Shhh." The kid looked so serious it stopped Han from further complaint.

"What is it?" Leia asked when after a few seconds, they heard nothing more.

"I thought I heard something."

No one said anything else for a little longer, but when nothing else was heard, Han started to say, "Look, kid, you're probably hearing th - "

"There!" Luke said, cutting him off. He pointed to a spot in the liquid waste that was moving.

"What was that?" the princess asked, her eyes wide.

"I don't kn-OW!" The last part of the word was a shout as Luke was pulled under the water by the creature.

"LUKE!" Leia shouted. She waded over as fast as she could to the spot Luke had gone under.

Shortly afterwards, Luke resurfaced, a tentacle wrapped around his neck. "Shoot it! Shoot it!" he managed to choke out.

Han tried to shoot the tentacles, but the thing didn't let go. It pulled Luke under again. Everything was quiet for so long that, just as Han was sure the kid was dead, Luke came up again, gasping for air.

"What happened?" Leia demanded.

"I don't know!" Luke said wildly. "It just let go."

The four soon found out the reason as the walls started to close in on them.

There was panic as they tried to stop the walls from crushing them. They tried to brace the walls, trying to force them open, but nothing worked.

They were just inches from death when suddenly, inexplicably, the door slid open.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if it meant walking right into the hands of the Imperials, they all rushed out. Capture was better than certain death.

Strangely enough, no one was on the other side of the door. Han, Chewie, Leia and Luke watched as the walls touched, crushing everything inside the room.

* * * * *

Obi-Wan Kenobi felt a disturbance in the force. One of the twins had unwittingly touched it. He only hoped Vader had not felt it as well.
MoronDude 397 posts Lord Vader felt a tremor in the Force. He noticed Obi-Wan's expression and saw that he noticed it too.

Obi-Wan, realizing that Vader was on to him, extinguished his lightaber and ran.
Vader, stunned, called to him,"It will not help you to run! I know what you have been trying to hide from me! I will find my son, and destroy him!"


Han, Luke and Leia ran down the corridors, trying desperatly to find the docking bay which housed the Millenium Falcon. As they rounded a corner in the bowls of the Death Star, they spotted Obi-Wan running torward them. "Ben!",Luke called,"Ben, over here!"

Obi-Wan ran to them. "Listen to me. Darth Vader, the man I said killed your father, is here... on this ship. He is looking for you, Luke. He understands how powerful you are. We must leave, or he will hunt you down and kill you."

"B..But Ben, I could avenge my father's death."

"No, Luke, its too dangerous. He is far more powerful than you, and he would kill you. You must recieve the proper training."

Han spoke up,"Where's the ship?"

"Back that way. I disabled the tractor beam so we can take off."

The group started off towards the docking bays.


Frustrated with the turn of events, Tarkin decided to take things into his own hands.
"Start the 'SuperLaser Ignition Sequence', Captain."

"Yes, sir. Starting 'SuperLaser Ignition Sequence'".

"Now we will show the galaxy that the Empire can not be defeated by a bunch of dirty, little rebels and their measly rebellion!"

Jedi_Sky   Tarkin couldn't beleive what he was seeing... the super lasers where malfunctioning. His super lasers!!! Palpatine would not be hapy with this. He woud most likely be sentenced to death. At the hands of vader no less!!

Tarkin ordered forhis shuttle to be preped for flight. He would not die today. and he would definatly not die tommorow. as soon as the captian returned saying that his shuttle was ready he fled the station.


Obi-wan had a feeling that vader was following them. "hurry up or well all be space slugs"

The crew hurried to the doking bay and saw the millenium falcon gaurded.

"i'll run ahead and take out the gaurds.. the rest of you run for the baording ramp.

Obi-wan fled ahead and came out into the hanger swing his light saber. the guards began to shot blindly at the crazy old man.  The others ran onto the ship to escape back to alderaan.

I, Ooryl, Qyrgg, Gand  "Bail, the Death Star must still be destroyed," said Obi-Wan. "Are there any weapons left on Alderaan?"

"No, General Kenobi, we sent all the weapons away on the Another Chance. I could call it."
MoronDude  Han Solo and Chewbacca strapted themselves in to the cockpit.

"Okay, Chewie, lets get out of here!"

Chewbacca grunted an agreement. They fired up the boosters and shot for clear space. It was clear that the tractor beams were still unoperational, as they sailed smoothly into space.

"Where are we going?",Luke cried from behind them.

"Uh, well... I'm not sure",Han stammered,"That space station may destroy us if we dont get out of here."

"No... no, it wont",Leia said dreamily,"The weopons systems are malfuntioning."

"Oh, and how do you know that, Princess?," Han asked sarcasticly.

"I, I dont know how, I just... do"

Suddenly an Imperial Shuttle disembarked from the Death Star.

"Everyone look lively, here comes a ship."

"Shoot it down!", Luke said in a panic.

"I'm not shooting it down, kid. Its a transport. If it tried to attack us, it wouldn't even damage the shields."


Tarkin's shuttle had just left the Docking Bay when he saw that ship he'd captured earlier. It wasn't captured now. Still, Tarkin had a sneaking suspicion that he knew that ship. He'd seen hundreds like it, but this one was... special. And then it hit him. The Millenium Falcon, of course. Flown by that dirty smuggler, Lando Calrissian. But what was he doing here, on Alderaan? He intended to find out.

"Pilot, patch me through to that ship immedeatly!"

"Okay, sir, patching through.... now."


Suddenly the Comm System blinked.

"I guess whoever is on that ship would like to speak to us. Any objections?" Han waited, then turned to Chewbacca,"Okay, but stay sharp."

Han reached down and hit a button to open the channel.

"This is Captain Han Solo of the Millenium Falcon, what do you want?

"The speaker crackled,"Han Solo? Oh, so you are using a false name these days, Calrissian!"

Leia spoke up to Han,"That is Grand Moff Tarkin, Solo. I could recognize that voice anywhere. Who is 'Calrissian'?"

"A fellow rogue like myself. I won this ship from him in a game of Sabacc some years ago. Well, Princess, what should I say?"

"Ask him what he wants."

"What are you after, Tarkin?"

"Oh, so are as familiar with me as I am with you? I was just wondering when you became a filthy rebel!"

"Filthy?! I'll show you filthy!" Han swiched off the comlink. "Chewie, ready to show this guy some action?"

Chewbacca roared a triumphant affermative.

Uisceban  Thoughts raced through Obi-wans mind as he spoke to Bail. Leia had been so close to Vader and he thanked the force that he didn't realise that she was his daughter.

But even he could feel Vader realisation that Luke was his son. That worried Obi-wan as he didn't know how to stop him from going after Luke and if he found Luke what would stop him from finding Leia again.
TrinityDay 107 posts  Obi-Wan didn't have anymore time to ponder over the situation the Skywalkers had gotten themselves into, for at that moment, Han yelled, "Chewie, take over. We have a fight on our hands."

Obi-Wan snapped out of his reverie and said, "You stay here, Captain Solo, and pilot the ship. Young Luke and I can help with the fight."

Luke looked both shocked and happy by Obi-Wan's words. Before Han could say anything, he had raced to the turret and was strapped in, ready to shoot anything in sight. Obi-Wan followed at a little more sedate, but no less urgent speed.

//I hope Luke is as good of a shot as his father was,// was Obi-Wan's last thought before the battle started.
MoronDude 397 posts397 posts  Vader hurried to the bridge. He knew that Obi-Wan would keep his son from him, and he also realized that he could be trained to serve the Emperor. As he steped into the bridge, he began spouting orders.

"Give me visuals of that ship we captured! Full power to tractor beams! Warm up weapons systems in that area! Start Superlaser Ignition Seqence! Where is Moff Tarkin?!?"

Captain Carlyn, feeling overwhelmed with problems even before Vader entered, responded. "All Weapons Sytems down! Tractor Beams Inoperable! We have shut-downs in all major systems station-wide!"

Vader, losing all control, pushed the man away using the Force. He slammed into a console, and fell into unconsiousness(sp?).

"Where did Grand Moff Tarkin go?!?" Vader asked again.

Major Jebbe at the Comm station answered,"Tarkin has borded his shuttle and left the station. He is being attacked by the ship we captured earlier."

Vader studied the viewscreen. He turned to the Weapons station and asked,"Captain, do we have any firepower at all?"

"I'm sorry, sir. The Tech crew is trying to find the malfuntion.", answered Captain Brissel.

"What about fighters?"

"Well... yes we have fighters, but..."

"Send the fighters to disable that ship.", Vader interupted,"Do not let them leave."

"Y-Yes, sir, Lord Vader", Captain Brissel spouted and decided it was better not to tell him that the mechanical locks on the Tie-Fighters were also malfuntioning. He turned to the Docking Bay intercom and announced,"Lord Vader needs every Fighter to disable the YT-1300 transport for capture. Do whatever it takes to get the latches off your ships manualy."
Hannalee_  Vader stood watching the action on the outside frome the bridge. "Those incompotant pilots have waited too long to attack the ship. Where are they? Someone will pay for this. Someone will pay for the mistake that possibly might cost me my son." He decided to call for Captain Brissel to have him make his excuses. "You there, come here."

"Yes Sir."

"Tell the captian that I wish to speak to him."

"Yes Lord Vader."


Captian Brissel was worried, because of the time it was taking to ready the fighters. Every admeral, captian, and their junior officers knew what happened to those who Vader found incompotant...no, he better not think about that now or it could be his last thought.

"Sir, the pilots are finding it imposible to lift the clamps off their fighters. Should I inform Lord Vader?"

"No, I will go as it is my responsibility as a captian to atend to these matters. Tell the pilots to keep trying. I'll inform Lord Vader of the problem. You're dissmissed." Another messeger, what does he wish to imform me of? "Yes?"

"Sir, Lord Vader wishes to speak to you immediately."

"Tell him I will come at once." My last word to some one who is not Darth Vader. Well I better hurry while Lord Vader still is in a frgment of a slightly good mood, sigh, if only.

MoronDude 397 posts397 posts  Han spoke through the intercom,"Now remember you two, don't hurt them too bad. We're just gonna scare her alittle, and send this Tarkin guy back where he came from." Then he turned to Chewie. "Let's show this guy who's filthy."

Chewbacca offered a grunt of acceptance, and they ingaged the shuttle.


"What are they doing?", Tarkin asked the pilot.

"It looks like they are getting ready to attack. We dont have the firepower or the sheilds to take them on. We better head back."

"Don't worry so much. If I know Vader, he has allready dispatched fighters to aid us. Tell them not to be so hasty in attacking us. We are much more prepared than they realize."


The comm system blinked to life again. This time there was a different voice on the other end.

"Grand Moff Tarkin wants you to know that we are prepared to attack, and that you shouldn't engage us just yet."

Han, staring at the shuttle, whispered to Chewbacca,"They're bluffing. There's no way that thing could take us on..... right?"

Chewbacca simply shrugged.

Han declared over the intercom to Luke and Obi-wan,"When I give the signal, shoot a few beams across their nose." Then to Chewie,"Okay, buddy, reinforce front deflector sheilds. If they aren't bluffin', we're gonna need em."

Jedi_Sky   Luke didn't know why but he had an odd sensation. almost like he was being lied to!
He didn't like it but was afraid to tell anybody because they'd htink him crazy.

"Ben did you copy Han? power up!"

Old Ben hadn't been listening to captain solos orders, he was to busy concentrating on the imperials feelings. He was lieing they were no match for them. But there were ties on there way..made clear by the blue blips that ahd just apeared on his screen.

He heard luke say something over the comm.
but before he could answere a laser bolt lit up his sheilds.

"incoming ties from 2. mark 0.0!"he souted over the comm.

"i'm on them" came lukes worried voice.

"get those ties down, the shuttle mite not be a threat but they definatley are!!!" HAn shouted at Luke and Ben.

"i'm workin on it but they've gone abroad..you'll need to start doing some fancy maneeauring if oyu want us to get them.!"

over the comm he heard the princesses angry voice yelling at han-"you no good.....Filthy piece of......Your sooo....."
he couldn't help but laugh at the princesses remarks about the old spacer and his ship.


"thank you your higness for those lovely comments about my ship and the way i handle it but i could fly alot better if you would stay outa my lap!"

" i was right your are so incompetant!!"

"yeah wel you aihn't no catch your seflf princess!"

"well i ne...."

"she was cut off by threepios worried voice" captain solo there are ties suronding the whol ship!! whaty"ll we do? oh were dommed!!!"

"golden rode shut up!!" han yelled as he pulled into a tight barrell role trying to give the kid ans the old man a clear shot."take out the shuttle if oyu can..once there gone they wont need to send anymore reinforcemants"

As he pulled it up he did a double loop bring her back to a standing position, "hold on princess i won't need you manning the canons if were against ties,Watch it kid bombers on there way. Ben keep the lasers goin. we wont last long if you just sit there all day!!

As han said this last word he noticed a missile headed right for them.."hang on!"

the ship rocked as the missle exploded. sending them into a deadlyspin towards alderaan. he pulkled up hard, "chewe bring up the forwrad sheilds to max!"

As chewie pushed and pulled buttons han bnoticesd several tie bombers and tie interceptors folowing close behind!! they wouldn't standa hit wioth the sheilds at max forwrad..but tnbey were almost at alderaans atmosphere....They would die if they moved it one way and evening them out would only make there deaths much slower! what could he do?

Jedi_Sky   vader brreathed hard in his plastic mask. He couldn't help butwonder whathad happned to the operational lasers and cannons which were now seriously malfunctioning....
Uisceban 631 posts631 posts631 posts  Leia groaned. Everything was slowly getting worse. She had been rescued but she didn't think she would be for much longer.

Leia gasped as she suddenly realized that they were heading towards her home planet at dangerous speeds. If they entered the Atmospher this fast they would surely be destroyed.


Luke felt something everytime he either heard the princess voice or was near her. At first he knew he was merely infatuated with her but once that had faded slightly he felt something different, like a connection to her somehow.

He shook his head in frustration, he would ask Ben later but that old Jedi didn't seem to be telling him everything latey.
Jedi_Sky   As they plumited down towards the green and turquise planet han coiuldn't help but wonder what it would be like to die. There chances were looking pretty slim, but there was always hope. He wondwered who had said that. could it of been Dewlina? the wookie who had raised him! he wasn't sure.

all he knew for sure was that in about 2 minutes they could end up a bunch of falling metorites!

Hannalee_   Vader stood watching the ship crash into Alderaan's atmosphere. He had sent a team to investigate the malfunctions and they had not returned yet. That incompetent Captain Brissel had been dealt with, and sadly was no longer with us anymore. He had paid for the mistakes and been used as a scapegoat for the problems. Now his attention was drawn back to the ship where Kenobi, the smuggler, his wookie friend, the princess, and his son were about to meet their ends. Strangely it affected him more than it should, after all Anakin Skywalker was dead and gone so he shouldn’t feel like he was loosing more than his former master and the son he never knew. No, it felt like he was loosing more, like he was loosing a part of himself. He stood there watching the ship plummet into Alderaan and continue to head towards the surface of the planet. To his amazement it continued on and did not blow up. He felt a surge of relief flow through him as he headed off to his meditation chamber to think about the day’s events.
The entire ship was silent as it headed closer and closer to the planet’s atmosphere. They were expecting the ship to blow up any minute when they suddenly realized that they were out of danger. A loud cheer erupted from the ship until Han reminded the group that they still had to survive the landing. As the came closer and closer to the surface of Alderaan, Han and Chewbacca were trying desperately to control the Falcon and everyone was tense except for Obi-Wan who was telling everyone to be calm because it would turn out fine. Then with a huge thump the Falcon crashed into a field, and everyone on board was uninjured except for bruises from the rough landing.

"That was strange we should have hit the planet a lot harder than that," said Han.

"The force works in mysterious ways," Obi-Wan replied.
MoronDude 583 posts583 posts Obi-wan was worried. If they didn't act fast, the Death Star would be operational. He knew that the Imperial Technicians wouldn't have to work too hard to reattach the power conduit he disabled, and held unhooked with the Force. But now that he was too far to keep the conduit concealed, the Death Star would be brought back online, and Alderaan would be threatened again.

"We must evacuate the planet!".He said as they raced back to the city.

"If they were gonna do anything,"Han reasoned,"They'd of done it already!"

"It won't be long until they discover the cause of their malfunctions."

"It will take days to evacuate the entire planet." Leia stated.

"We will have to evacuate as many as we can. Leia, where is the Rebellion located?"

"The fourth moon of Yavin"

"Yavin?!? We'll never make it there in time! Are you sure you have no starfighters here?"

"Yes. We are peaceful. All military supplies are on Yavin 4."
Vader was becoming angrier by the second. He contemplated killing everyone on the bridge. He tried to keep his cool as the message came from Chief Enginering Officer Capt. Poldur.

"Lord Vader, we have located the problem. Someone shut the main reactor's energy distrubution sensor off and then shut down all weapons systems at the source. The problem is, we cannot reach the switches. They can only be reached by shuttle. We have no idea how someone could have shut them off."

"It's not a difficult task with the Force, Captain. I'll be down there momentarily"

Vader turned and marched to the nearest lift tube.
Back at the palace, Obi-Wan explained everything to Bail Organa.

"We cannot leave all these people to die!", Bail said,"I will see to the evacuation personally"

With that, he picked up the comlink and started feeding information to the local news network.

Obi-Wan felt a tremor, and he suddenly knew the space station was operational. He ran out of Bail's personal quarters to the docking bay where Han, Luke, Chewie and the droids were standing.

"We've got to get to Yavin 4! Where is Leia?"

"I'm right here!" Leia walked into the docking bay with a bag full of her belongings.

"Okay, people, I didn't sign up for this! And where's my money?" Han said holding his hand out to Obi-Wan.

"Right now that space station is going to blow this planet to pieces." Obi-Wan explained pointing to the sky,"We will deal with your fees later, now lets go!"