Harry Potter and the Circle Story

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Part One
by Beth Brownell

The son of James Potter was sleeping soundly in his little bed on October 31st, 1980, never knowing the danger that was in the living room as two dark shapes stood near his bed.

"Lily, I cannot stand here and hope that whoever is in the living room with James is indeed Voldemort." said the voice, as he stepped into the moon's light.

"No Sirius, James has it under control. He wants you here with Harry. We all know that Peter told him where we live. Our friend is a double spy. He gave Voldemort the information we gave him and Peter would let us know where the other Death Eaters are. By now, they should all be captured. All is left is to catch Voldemort." whispered Lily.

"But Lily, I don't want Harry in the house incase something wrong happens. He's the firstborn son of you and James. Please let me take him away from here and wait till I get a signal from you or James that it's okay to return?" asked Sirius, looking at her.

"Alright. Take Harry to Hogwarts. We'll send word to you there." said Lily, as she lifted Harry up from his bed when suddenly the door opened up...

Part Two
by Pheonixx

James stepped through, leaning on the door frame. His eyes were bloodshot, the brown irises surrounded by blood red. "Let me hold Harry," he said in a cold, harsh voice.

Lily and Sirius exchanged a look. "James… what happened down there? Who was it?" Sirius asked.

"No one of importance." James walked forward, holding his arms out to Lily. "Give him to me."

Lily glanced at Sirius, then ever so slowly handed Harry to him. Harry, jostled by the movement, opened his bleary eyes, and looked at his father. He started trembling, sensing something the others couldn't. 'James' smiled maliciously and drew out his wand, while flickering and changing shape. He grew taller, his complexion paler, the eyes finishing the color change, until both iris and pupil were a bright, evil red.

"You fools," Voldemort cackled, his change complete. Lily gave a shuddering gasp and stepped back, while Sirius drew his wand out. "You willingly give the boy to me! Now what will stop me from killing him?" He pointed the wand at Harry's head, and said the two dreaded words. "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light exploded out of the wand, rushing, blind and deadly, toward the infant. Lily and Sirius could only watch as it struck it's target…

Part Three
by EJ Malfoy

 The green light exploded out of the wand, rushing, blind and deadly, toward the infant. Lily and Sirius could only watch as it struck it's target...

Baby Harry started to cry as the spell hit him. Voldemort laughed at the baby, seeing it scream out in pain. Lily could take no more and took out her wand, pointing it at Voldemort.

He noticed this and pointed his wand at her. "Do not tempt me to kill you and your dying son at nearly the same moment," Voldemort called to her. She did not lower her wand and took a step closer to him. He laughed at her, and looked at the baby, who seemed to still be living. But he was not concerned with the child. He wanted the Potter all dead. Suddenly, he fell over and sent the boy flying. Lily jumped to catch her child, and barely missed him.

The real James came crawling past Voldemort, holding his side. Sirius came to pull James over and did it quickly. Voldemort looked up from the ground seeing the three of them backing up. He got up from the floor and started to walk towards them with his wand at the ready.

"James," he said in a surprised tone. "You revived from the Stunning Spell. What a surprise." He looked at Harry, who was now glowing a bright green. "And your son has evaded from dying from the Killing Curse, which has never failed me." He then stared at the lot of them in disgust. "What is happening here? I shall make sure that you are all killed immediately if one of you does not tell me why my magic has not killed you."

None of them spoke a peep. Voldemort became infuriated.

"You have 10 seconds, starting now. 10, 9, 8…"

James started to sweat as the seconds went by.

"…7, 6, 5…" Lily hushed Harry and bit her lip, seeing that the time was coming. "…4, 3, 2…"

"Wait!" Lily said, looking at her boy, then her husband, then Voldemort.

Voldemort made no look of a smile, but thought of one as he looked straight into Lily's eyes. Her mouth quivered for a moment before she uttered four single words that made Voldemort's eyes widen…

Part Four
by Helen Theresa Ford

She had muttered the special Anti-heir of Slytherin Incantation, an incantation that only the heirs knew when the time came to use it. All her family, she, Harry, and James, were heirs, as was Sirius and Remus.

Unknown to them, Lily was not a muggle-born. Her parents were squibs, as was her sister. Lily herself was surprised of the fact. She was also surprised when she found out that Remus was her cousin. They were both Ravenclaws' heir.

Sirius was Hufflepuffs heir; he was loyal to his friends. And James was Gryffindor's heir. There was a female heir for every generation, but they had not discovered a female Hufflepuff heir, or Gryffindor heir.

The spell would protect the heirs from Voldemort's attack as the Heir of Slytherin. It would also protect them against the attack of any Dark Wizards until all the heirs had died and as baby Harry was there, it would protect him too.

At that moment a jet of green light headed out of Harry's hand towards Voldemort. He was in pain and the next he knew he was gone and his body was lying there.

The four headed to Hogwarts...

Part Five
by Trinity Day

They Apparated to Hogsmeade where Sirius commandeered a fireplace at the Three Broomsticks. With both Lily and James too upset over their near miss, Sirius was the only one able to call Hogwarts. It was seconds before Albus Dumbledore's head was floating in the fire.

"What happened?" he demanded in uncharacteristically harsh tones.

"He came, he saw, we conquered." Even after all that had happened, Sirius had not lost his sense of humour, although his voice was bitterer than his friends were accustomed to hearing.

"Then Voldemort's . . . "

Sirius finished for him. "At James' and Lil's, in an undistinguished heap on Harry's bedroom floor."

"And Harry?" Dumbledore asked sharply.

"He's doing better than the rest of us put together," Lily said, speaking for the first time in ages. She held up the toddler in her arms so that Dumbledore could get a better look.

Harry was wide awake now and not any worse off for Voldemort's attempts to kill him. Instead, he was giggling in his mother's arms and alternately tugging on her hair and his father's nose. Seeing the headmaster in the fire, Harry waved at him. "Hi!" he said cheerfully.

"Hello, young Harry," Dumbledore said, his mouth twisted oddly. Then turning back to address Sirius, he said, "Come to Hogwarts right away. Even if Voldemort's gone, I don't think it's safe for you four to be out in the open at the moment."

"We're already in Hogsmeade," Sirius informed him. "We'll be there shortly."

Dumbledore's head bobbed up and down in the fire before disappearing altogether.

Rosmerta, who had been hovering by the door, asked them, "Is everything all right? Are you all okay?" Her eyes were wide.

"We're fine," James said. "We're going to be at Hogwarts for awhile, though."

She half turned around and vaguely pointed behind her. "I have some brooms . . . If you want . . . They'll get you there faster."

"That's okay," Sirius said. "The way we're going you can't use brooms and it's the quickest route between here and the school. The safest, too."

"One of your passageways, then," Rosmerta concluded. They had visited her tavern so many times while they were at school that she had to know that they had found many alternate ways out of Hogwarts.

Sirius winked at her, but said nothing.

"Good luck, then," Rosmerta said anxiously. "I hope you won't need it."

"We shouldn't, but thanks for the thought," James said.

The passageway they took was one of the last ones they had found and was the quickest way between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, but it still took close to thirty minutes before they arrived at the school.

Harry had finally settled down and fallen asleep in Lily's arms while they walked. No one had suggested she bring the pram because they all instinctively knew that there was no way Lily was going to let Harry out of her arms that night. After what had happened earlier, it was doubtful she would even relinquish her son to James.

When at last they came into the dark hallways of Hogwarts, the castle was deserted. The Hallowe'en feast had long since ended and everyone was probably long asleep by then.

"Just like old times, eh, Prongs?" Sirius asked, his voice barely above a whisper. Something about wandering in the deserted castle made him keep his voice down. It was probably just that old habits died hard.

"I keep on expecting to run into Filch at any second," James confided.

"Don't be silly," Lily said. "We're not students anymore and we're not sneaking around." Her words didn't seem as convincing as they would have if she, too, hadn't been speaking in whispered tones. It could have been simply that she did not want to wake the sleeping babe but that didn't explain the nervousness in her voice.

All three of them jumped guiltily, and Harry stirred restlessly in Lily's arms, when Professor McGonagall's voice rang out. "What are you doing here?"

She came closer and then rolled her eyes at the looks on their faces. "Honestly," she said. "You would think you were students I caught out past curfew. We weren't expecting you for another half an hour at least, and we certainly weren't expecting you to show up in the middle of the castle instead of through one of the entrances. How did you get here?"

"The road takes too long and you never know who you might run into," Sirius said as an explanation.

"I see," Professor McGonagall said coolly. "If it were anyone else, I would be surprised, but since it's you three, I guess I should have expected it." Then, suddenly she dropped all her professorly manners and became concerned. "But you are all right, aren't you? All of you?"

"As well as can be expected after a run-in with Voldemort," James said seriously.

McGonagall flinched at the name.

"Better, even," Lily added. "We're alive, aren't we? That's more than you can say about most people who have met the Dark Lord."

A grimace was McGonagall's response. "Professor Dumbledore's waiting for you in his office," she said. "I'll show you the way."

Despite everything that had happened that night, Sirius couldn't suppress a grin. "We know the way."

Lifting an eyebrow, McGonagall said, "Yes, I suppose you would."

Dumbledore was actually waiting in the hallway beneath his office and he was pacing back and forth. He looked up when the five of them came into view. The fine lines around his eyes were crinkled up in concern but they quickly disappear when he saw them.

"What happened with Peter and the Death Eaters?" James wanted to know.

"We've rounded up most of them," Dumbledore informed him. "A few escaped, but they're been tracked down as we speak. What happened with Voldemort?"

They told him. James started the narrative and Sirius finished for him with Lily adding in the details that they forgot. At the end, Dumbledore and McGonagall were staring at Harry so intently that Lily shifted him in her arms, uncomfortable at the attention his baby was receiving.

"But how?" McGonagall wanted to know. "How did Harry do that?"

"Further explanations can wait until morning," Dumbledore declared. "James, Lily, Sirius, you can use one of the guest bedrooms. Further quarters will be set up for you tomorrow, but I should expect you will be staying here for some time, at least until things settle down and we know it's safe for you in public again."

Too tired to protest, they simply followed him. Yet, once they were dropped off in their bedrooms, they found that none of them could sleep despite being utterly exhausted. Dumbledore had shown Sirius his room first, but the latter wanted to know where his friends were going to be sleeping so he went with them to their room and stayed there after Dumbledore and McGonagall left.

"Something's wrong," he announced when the door was firmly closed.

"You noticed, too, did you?" James asked.

"What wasn't he telling us?" Lily wondered.

"I don't know," Sirius said grimly, "but I'm going to find out."

It didn't take him long. McGonagall had also noticed something amiss with Dumbledore's usual behaviour and had started to interrogate him as soon as they had dropped the four off. Opening the door slightly, Sirius, James and Lily were able to overhear their conversation.

"They have been through too much tonight," Dumbledore was telling McGonagall. "I thought it best to wait until morning to tell them that Voldemort has disappeared."

"What?" McGonagall gasped. "What do you mean."

"When we sent people to retrieve his body, it wasn't there. One of his followers must have found him first and taken his body, but for what purposes, I do not know."

Part Six
by Kalantha Knox

Nobody in the room spoke for a few moments. They listened as Dumbledore and McGonagall finished their conversation, then walked off. Finally, Lily shut the door, and they began to talk.

“Gone?” Sirius repeated.

James shook his head. “I can’t believe it. They're quick. How could have they known?”

“Easy,” Lily answered. “A tracking charm would do it. Like those clocks we saw in Diagon Alley, the Death Eaters could see where Voldemort was, and in what condition, at all times."

“What can we do? What will they do?” Sirius asked.

No one answered, but they all knew exactly what. The Death Eaters were going to try and bring the Dark Lord back to life.

“We can’t do anything tonight, we’re all exhausted.” James told them. “Tomorrow, we’ll do something.”

Sirius started to protest, but Lily nodded.

“Agreed.” She spoke for the two of them. Sirius left for his own room, angry about their lack of action.
James and Lily headed for the bed and sat next to each other, her head resting on his shoulder. Harry slept soundly in her arms, his thumb in his mouth.

“That was way too close.” Lily told James.

“Yeah,” He murmured in agreement, his eyes closed. He rested his head against the wall, looking near sleep.
Lily stroked the sleeping baby’s black hair, holding back tears. She was lucky he was still alive, still able to be in her arms. He was almost gone. She did not want to see Voldemort near her baby, ever again. Was he going to stay defeated, or rise again, possibly more powerful than before? If he came back, what would he do to Harry?

When she drew back the hair covering his forehead, her thoughts were disrupted. She had noticed something very odd. “James, look.” She lifted Harry into a sitting position. He stirred, then went back to sleep.

“What?” James opened his eyes, and looked at his son’s forehead. His expression changed to that of confusion. “A cut.” He stated, staring at the place where Voldemort’s curse had been aimed.  Earlier on, while they were walking through the tunnel to Hogwarts, they had noticed the strange cut, in the shape of lightning, on his forehead.

“That’ll scar for sure,” James had said, making sure the cut was clean and starting to heal it.

“If he ends up with hair anything like yours, no one will see it anyways,” Sirius then joked. “Ha ha.”

“We should get Madam Pomfrey to look at it,” Lily had insisted, pulling her baby closer to her body.

Now, only an hour later, Lily and James stared at where the angry red mark had been. They both lacked an explanation for the strange thing that had taken place.

“I can’t believe it. The scar is completely gone,” Lily whispered.

Part Seven
by Beth Brownell

"I know. But that's weird. Most curse cuts causes some scars. Maybe we should have left it on him," said James, looking at his son's forehead. 

"And mar that handsome face? Are you joking?" retorted Lily.

"Hey! I thought I had the handsome face here," said Sirius, raising his head up to look at them.

Lily and James just chuckled.

"Well, he'll have the girls following him around...when he's older that's for sure." Sirius sat up straighter in the chair instead.

Lily shuddered involuntary. James wrapped his arm around her.

"Don't worry, luv. He's safe, we're all safe. He's gone for now," whispered James.

"I know but what about the Death Eaters that escaped the Aurors, James?" asked Lily, looking up at him.

"What if they come for Harry or us?!

"I'm not sure. But I'll get my partner and we'll track the escaped Death Eaters down and send them all to Azkaban," said James.

"James, I have a better idea," said Lily.

"What?" asked James, waking up a bit more. "What is it?"

"What if we - - - meaning you, me and Harry go - - into hiding? We send Harry to your partner to live with. I'm sure Rose won't mind having Harry with her. 'cause I am not sending Harry to Petunia; she'll mistreat him for sure. We'll change our appearances and vanish from the wizarding world," said Lily.

"We'll tell Dumbledore about this idea in the morning. This might be a good idea, Lily. We'll claim to be dead. The Ministry can do that easily," stated James as he picked up the baby blanket and wrapped Harry in it. He lifted Lily up into his arms, carried her and Harry to bed. Put them both to bed before he climbed into bed next to Lily and was sound asleep before his head hit the pillow.